Cosmetic Specialist


That’s why treatments at Cosmetic and Medical Associates are only initiated by the two principals, Dr. Graham Kenny and Dr. Bill White, who between them have over sixty years continuous medical experience. Both have worked full time in laser and cosmetic medicine since 1987. Both Doctors are foundation fellow members of the Australasian College of Phlebology.

Their depth of experience has been accrued over years of working throughout Australia, as well as overseas. Their opinions are frequently sought by other experts in cosmetic and laser treatments.

They enjoy excellent liaison with specialists in the fields of plastic, cosmetic and vascular surgery, as well as with senior dermatologists. They will readily assist with the selection of and referral to suitable specialists.

Our Doctors visit us at Helenas Beauty every 3 months. If you would like an appointment for treatment or a consultation please phone our salon on 0269215033 to arrange a time.

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Dr Bill White

Dr Graham Kenny

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